How should I add flavours to the sparkling water?

Want to elevate your sparkle? Check out the information below to learn how to use our sparkling drink mixes and what is the right dosage to add.

Remember - Always fizz water before adding flavour!

Sparkle a bottle of fresh, cold water with your Sparkling Water Maker and select your favourite sparkling drink mix.

To add Classic sparkling drink syrups in a 1L SodaStream bottle

  1. Pour drink mix to the inner middle line of the measuring cap. Do not fill above this line.
  2. Tilt the carbonating bottle and add drink mix. Close the cap and shake gently.
  3. Enjoy!
For SodaStream BIO syrups in a 1L SodaStream bottle

  1. Add 30 ml of SodaStream BIO syrup to 180 ml sparkling water.
  2. Enjoy your bubbles!