How do I get my E-TERRA to stop leaking water?

Oh no, bubbles overboard! Don't worry though. We can help. Check out this awesome guide for assistance.

Follow the steps below to help stop your E-TERRATM Sparkling Water Maker from overflowing:

  • Make sure you are filling the BPA-Free carbonating bottle with water to the fill line only.

Carbonate water only, and remember to always fizz water BEFORE adding flavor.

  • Make sure your bottle is compatible with your Sparkling Water Maker.
    • E-TERRA is compatible with the 1L BPA Free carbonating bottle (0.84L fill line), and the 0.5L BPA Free carbonating bottle (0.45L fill line).
  • Make sure your bottle is inserted correctly. The bottle is inserted correctly when there is a gap between the Carbonating Bottle and the base of the Sparkling Water Make.
  • Carbonate by pressing one of the three buttons to achieve your desired carbonation level.


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