How to replace the SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder in my SodaStream DUO™?

It’s easy to get the sparkling started with our SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder. Just follow the instructions below to get bubbling!


  1. Place the SodaStream DUO™ Sparkling Water Maker on a flat sturdy surface in an upright position.
  2. If a carbonating bottle is inside, turn the flask lever to the right to open the flask and remove the bottle. Make sure to lock the carbonating bottle flask by returning the flask to the upright position, pushing and holding the carbonating bottle head down, and turning the flask lever left. When in the locked position, the flask lever will align with the small dot, which is located beneath the SodaStream logo.

    >>> Never insert or replace the cylinder while a carbonating bottle is in the SodaStream DUO™ Sparkling Water Maker.

  3. Pull the back cover away from the machine to remove it. Make sure to pull from the small grip on the top of the back cover, behind the carbonating button. Do not hold the sides of the back cover to remove it.
  4. Raise the pink cylinder handle.
  5. Remove the pink seal and cap from the SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder. Insert the cylinder into the cylinder holder by positioning the bottom of the cylinder into the Sparkling Water Maker and then gently placing the rest of the cylinder into the cylinder holder, located on the underside of the carbonating button.
  6. Make sure the cylinder does not look damaged or defected.
  7. Lower the cylinder handle.
  8. Replace the back cover so it clicks into place.

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