What is SodaStream?

SodaStream’s sparkling water makers enable consumers to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water at the touch of a button. Our dream is to help people drink more water and live healthier lives, all while protecting the environment from the harmful effects of single-use plastic. As the world leader in home carbonation systems, we have a unique opportunity to make a real difference. We want our consumers worldwide turn their backs on disposable plastic bottles, hydrate more, and live life healthier and to the fullest.


One global community, celebrating the bold achievement of a cleaner, healthier planet, made possible by each of us embracing simple, fun, responsible consumption.


Revolutionize the beverage industry by empowering people with simple, creative, and fun ways to make and enjoy better-for-you bubbly beverages.

Health and Wellness:

Each year we provide 1.5 billion liters of homemade sparkling water to millions of families worldwide. Our home carbonation systems make ordinary water fun and exciting to drink. SodaStreamers report being motivated to drink more, simply because our sparkling water and flavors make them feel like they’re enjoying a healthier indulgence.

Environmental Protection:

Today, we’re leading a revolution limiting single-use disposable plastic bottles by providing people with a better-for-you, better-for-the-planet alternative. By using SodaStream at home, our consumers are instrumental in reducing single-use plastic waste.


SodaStream has years of experience in perfecting the manufacturing of home carbonation systems and cylinders. Over the past century, we have continued to grow and innovate. SodaStream was the first ever to introduce the aluminum CO2 cylinder for Sparkling Water Makers and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum cylinders (for cylinders up to 2 kg).