How to Use my SodaStream GAIA™ Sparkling Water Maker?

Getting the perfect level of fizzy fun is easy. Once your SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder is inserted, follow the steps below to get bubbling.

Click here for the SodaStream GAIA™ User Manual


  1. Begin by filling your BPA-free carbonating bottle with cold water up to the fill line. Remember to always fizz water before adding any flavor.
  2. To insert the BPA-free carbonating bottle screw the BPA-free carbonating bottle into the Sparkling Water Maker by turning it to the right until there is a ‘click’ sound.
  3. The bottle is inserted correctly when there is a small gap between the bottom of the Carbonating Bottle and the base.
  4. To carbonate, press the carbonating button in short 1 second presses; 3 presses for standard carbonation and 5 presses for strong carbonation.

    Sparkle Note: You may see small pieces of ice appear in the water during the carbonation of very cold water. Any ice created will simply melt.

  5. When the desired level of carbonation is achieved, unscrew the carbonating bottle. As you start unscrewing the bottle you will hear the pressure being released from the bottle.
  6. Flavor your way! Enjoy your sparkling water or add your preferred SodaStream Sparkling Drink Mix flavor to enjoy a sparkling flavored beverage, but remember always fizz water before adding any flavor.