How to use my SodaStream DUO™ Sparkling Water Maker?

Getting the perfect level of fizzy fun is easy. Just follow the steps below to get bubbling.

To check if you’re out of CO2, first make sure the SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder is properly inserted in the cylinder holder with the pink cylinder handle lowered. Once you’ve checked this, press the carbonating button a few times to see if CO2 is entering the bottle. Press the button a few times to also check for bubbles and listen for a sputtering sound.

  • If you’re out of CO2, click here to find a store near you.

Make sure to only exchange your cylinder for the SodaStream Quick Connect Cylinder, as the SodaStream Screw-in system cylinders are not compatible with your SodaStream DUO™ Sparkling Water Maker.

  • If you’re not out of CO2, try the steps below to get back to bubbling:


  1. Fill the carbonating bottle with cold drinking water up to the fill line indicated on the bottle.
  2. Place the SodaStream DUO™ Sparkling Water Maker on a flat sturdy surface in an upright position. Unlock the flask by turning the lever to the right. The carbonating head will rise automatically. Tilt the carbonating bottle flask forward to insert the
  3. bottle and return the flask to the upright position.
  4. Push the carbonating head down. Hold the carbonating head down and lock the flask by turning the lever to the left. When in the locked position, the flask lever will align with the small dot, which is located beneath the SodaStream logo.
  5. Push the carbonating button down firmly for around two seconds, release, and repeat. Repeat 3 times for standard fizz, 5 times for strong fizz, and more for extra strong fizz. It is not recommended to press more than 7 times.

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